2019 Mercedes Benz C43 AMG Estate – Designed for Wagon Lovers

So you’re car enthusiasts, but you’ve grown up now so no more flashy sports cars. You need something that can take the kids to school and not piss off the wife. But no matter what, you’re still a kid at heart, and you need a little fun now and then. That’s where the C43 AMG, especially the wagon that we have here, makes the perfect sense. Big enough to carry you and your family and all their stuff. However, when the kids are home, and the wife’s not around you can tap that dynamic mode button to sport and hammer the throttle for some fun.

Looks wise the C43 is a bit of a sleeper, nothing too flashy like those sports cars but enough to tell it apart from the standard C300. From the slightly more aggressive front bumper, sills and rear apron it’s an elegant package overall. To finish it off, there’s a set of 19″ AMG wheels which look particularly lovely with its classic spoke pattern. There’s even a subtle rear spoiler that hangs over the rear window for that extra sporty look.

For 2019, Mercedes has refreshed the C43’s interior there are new gauges, infotainment as well as the steering wheel. There’s plenty to love about the update, but overall, it’s clear to see that the upscale interior still looks the part. Every piece that surrounds the occupant has that quality touch to it.

In terms of the infotainment, the updated widescreen unit now features Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto. Unlike the old unit where the only method of controlling the screen was the rotary knob and touch-pad on top, of it. For 2019, there’s a little trackpad on each side of the steering wheel. The right side controls the infotainment while the left trackpad controls the screen in between the cluster.

Passengers are treated with the utmost comfort with plenty of support from the front seats. The rear occupants may move around a bit during harder corner due to lack of additional bolstering. Behind the rear seats, the C43 offers 460L of cargo capacity, folding the rear seats down increases this to 1480L. There’s even some additional storage under the cargo hold to hold just a bit more.

On to the main attraction, what’s under the hood. The C43 AMG features a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 making 385hp and 384lb-ft of torque. Paired with a 9-speed auto and 4Matic, 0-100km/h can be done in 4.8 seconds. Driving the AMG feels faster than this. It could be the sound from the glorious exhaust soundtrack because, With every up-shift, the car responds with a burble and a bark that we love from other AMG products. Sure this doesn’t have a V8, but the 6 in this isn’t weak neither. It’s even capable of returning pretty good fuel economy. Rated at 12.4L/100km in the City and 8.9L/100km on the highway it can get some stellar fuel numbers however during my week the wagon returned a dismal 17L/100km due to a heavy foot and that exhaust note.

In the twisties, the C43’s adaptive suspension keeps the wagon nice and compose, though it can be a bit tight for some. Push the suspension button in the centre, and it does soften up the dampers a bit, but the springs are still sprung tightly, which can cause some uncomfortable driving situation.

Overall the C43 wagon is just perfect. The wagon profile helps the cabin fill with that wonderous exhaust note. As for the price for all this wonder starts at $59,900, and as tested with all the options, it’s at $76,400. Which honestly it’s priced quite well till you start stacking on the options that’s where it can become pricy.