2019 Lexus ES 300h – So much more than a baby LS

For 2019 Lexus has fully re-vamped the ES lineup. From the ES 350 to the 300h it’s now based off the new Camry, and it’s simply better than ever. The ES 300h that we have here starts at $47,000 but our tester as equipped tops out at $61,500 with every option checked off.

From the outside, the ES looks a lot like the previous generation. But take a closer look, and it’s easier to see that Lexus has updated the brand new ES in every measurable way. With most luxury cars these days it’s all in the details, from its elegant vertical grill to the tripod headlights and L shaped taillights there’s plenty to see and love.

Inside the ES is where we have all the luxury touches. From soft-touch plastics to leather, wood and even some metallic bits and pieces, the mixture of materials, although maybe unique it works well in this cabin. The one place that the ES lacks is controllability with the infotainment system. While the optional 12.3″ display is big and beautiful, the only way to control it is with a trackpad on the centre console. Other manufacturers have redundancies in place to aid the use of the system, sadly Lexus has done none of this. Luckily, it’s not all bad. There are some physical buttons below the display to control climate as well as radio functions, so the trackpad can be left alone until such time the navigation is needed or more complex controls of the system.

As for passenger comfort, both the front and rear seats are supportive and comfortable. The front seats are heated as well as ventilated for maximum comfort and enjoyment. As for the rear, while there is plenty of room, they lack any heating elements found on the front seats.

Powering the ES 300h is a peppy little 4 cylinder combined with an electrical motor, the total power output is 215 hp. While it lacks in overall power compared to the ES 350, it makes up in economy. Rated for 5.5L/100km in the city and 5.2L/100km on the highway, the Lexus can go for miles before stopping at the gas station for fill-ups. The 1.6kWh battery can even propel the vehicle in full EV mode with a push of a button.

Overall the ES 300h is a fantastic cruiser. Built for just about anything from short trips to the store or long journeys across the country, it truly is a great vehicle. However, it’s not for everyone. It is very comfortable, but it lacks the sporty edge that some seek. But for those who are looking for their favourite couch with a set of wheels attached, the ES 300h may be the one you’ve been waiting for.