2019 Jaguar XF – Review – Stand out, be proud, get a Jag.


So you want a luxury sedan, but you look down on your neighbour’s BMW and Mercedes. Well, in that case, look no further the Jaguar XF-s is right up your alley. With its drop-dead good looks, the XF is unlike the regular joe’s 5-series and E-class the XF is better than the rest, and you should feel it too cause it is exclusive.
Good looks aren’t just what XF delivers, it’s also surprisingly comfortable. Seats are heated and cooled but unlike some others lack massaging function. The rest of the interior is made from high-quality leather and soft-touch plastics. Best yet, even on the highway the ride is quiet and supple. 
Speaking of ride, the XF doesn’t have any fancy suspension it utilizes good ole regular springs and struts to keep the aluminum chassis in control. And honestly it does great, the 380hp supercharged V6 can push this 3880 lb vehicle to 100km/h in 5.3 seconds.
With the starting price of $59,000, it’s priced close to its rivals, but it does deliver on a high scale than the rest.