2019 Ford Edge ST – Review – Not Quite the Performance SUV we Wanted

For 2019 Ford has decided to revamp the Ford Edge “Sport” line by introducing the Edge ST. Now the ST badge was reserved for tuned Ford models like the Focus and the Fiesta. Both of those were modified by slapping a turbocharged engine as well as upgraded suspension and interior bits like Recaro seats. But this the Edge ST while it has a turbocharged engine it doesn’t have all the items other ST models have.

From the outside, the Edge is quite remarkable. For 2019 all models of the Edge gets a small update that adds restyle parts such as the grille, lights and bumpers. For the ST there are some angular bits and pieces with different bumpers, sills and rear skirt that does make it look sporty, or at least as sporty as an SUV would. Adding to the menacing overall look are the optional 21″ gloss black wheels. While it doesn’t fit in with the current ST line, it stands to reason that the Edge ST is a great looking machine.

Moving on to the inside, more of the same. Yes, the Edge is quite dated by 2019 since it’s introduction was back in 2015, but minor updates have kept it somewhat relevant today. Where you can easily spot the aged interior is from the cluster, the red and blue used on the cluster display reminds users of the My Ford Touch days. But what must be said, is the interior is vast with plenty of interior space for 5 and their cargo. The optional ventilated seats are great for those hot summer days, and all outboard passengers get heated seats for winter months.

What makes the Edge ST unique is its heart. Unlike the rest of the range, the Edge ST uses a 2.7L Twin Turbo V6 that makes 335 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. All of this power goes thru an 8-speed auto to the ground via an all-wheel-drive system. While the engine has the potential to spare the transmission lets the experience down. The 8-speed utilizes the old 6-speed ratio but adds a new 3rd gear and 8th gear. The downfall of this is the 3rd gear is very similar to 2nd, so even the programming sometimes skips a gear as it’s not needed. At times shifts can be jerky it does have auto blip down-shift which is nice to see.

On the road, the suspension does soak up any bumps with ease as it is tuned for a softer experience comparing to other ST models. It actually makes for a great road trip vehicle. Push it a bit, and it’s very evident most if not all of the power gets sent to the front wheels as the Edge does understeer during heavy throttle. Go a bit quicker and more understeer, sure it’s no sports car, but it certainly would have been nice if the all-wheel-drive system could send more power to the rear. Ford can do this! They have the technology! They used it in the Focus RS it’s just sad we don’t get it here.

Overall the Edge ST may not be the performance SUV that we were looking for, but it’s still a pretty good fast SUV that one may wish to consider.