2022 Mercedes Benz C300 Review | The Benchmark Gets Better

The C-class has always been the benchmark in terms of premium sedans. It’s certainly not the sportiest nor the most spacious but it’s the one to beat.

For 2022 Mercedes has given the C-class brand new life. This is the Canadian spec 2022 C 300. It features a 2 litre turbocharged 4 cylinder motor and all-wheel-drive. For now, this is the only spec as for Canadians we don’t get the rear-wheel-drive model nor the upgraded powertrains.

On the outside the C-class looks like a mini S-class and that’s certainly not a bad thing. For some it might be a bit bland but in my eyes it’s quite elegant. The front end certainly has the distinctive Mercedes look with LED headlamps and large grill. This example also has the night package which darkens out a lot of the trim pieces and adds on AMG bits and pieces to spice things up a bit.

Inside the C-class we get plenty of goodies. Everything has been updated and a lot has been borrowed from its siblings. Starting with the seats, they’re heated and plenty comfortable. The dash is leather stitched and in the centre we get the new infotainment system. Essentially a tablet stuck in the centre of the dash it’s quite easy to use with all the features you would need like Apple CarPlay, Navigation and much more. It’s honestly a very nice place to be, everything feels solid and soft to the touch. It’s only down below where we get some scratchier plastics.

Under the hood as mentioned the C 300 gets a 2L turbo four making 255hp and 295lb-ft. A first for Mercedes, this four cylinder is paired with an excellent 48-volt mild-hybrid system allowing for smoother start-stop and better economy. It’s certainly not the fastest in its class. The comparable BMW or Audi will accelerate faster to 60mph than this but at around 6 seconds it’s quick enough.

In terms of ride and handling, the C-class is exactly what you expect. Even with the AMG night package, the ride is supple and soft as it soaks up all the bumps and imperfections on the road. Handling wise, it certainly does handle and since it is a rear-wheel-drive based all-wheel-drive system, there is some of that dynamic feeling as you accelerate out of a corner. That being said, it doesn’t feel the most comfortable through tight turns. It’s fine, but it just doesn’t feel like it belongs.

Overall the C-class is what you expect when you get a Mercedes. It’s filled with features that you’re looking for and it’s supple and soft for everyday drives. Priced at $68,650 CAD it has almost $12,000 worth of options. Like many Mercedes that’s just typical you certainly can drive the price down a bit but you’ll be lucky to walk out without the premium package which itself is worth $3200.