2022 Mercedes AMG GLB 35 Review | An AMAZING Performance SUV

Generally the middle child is the one that no one really pays attention to but with the GLB I think it’s quite the opposite. First it’s not the smallest SUV in the line that goes to the GLA. The GLB is actually in some aspects bigger than the next size up GLC.

This example is the GLB 35 which means it sports a tuned 2L turbo that makes 302 hp and 295 lb-ft (up from 221hp in the bas GLB 250) and it’s quick, 5 seconds 0-60mph makes this very fun.

As mentioned the GLB is the 2nd smallest SUV in the Mercedes lineup but it takes it’s looks from the much bigger GLS. It features a blocky exterior which in turn maximizes interior space.

Some exterior upgrades on this particular vehicle would be the Night package and the 21″ AMG multi spoke wheels. Now, the night package blacks out a lot of the chrome which I do like and the 21″ wheels are great too but it does hinder the ride. Sticking with the standard 19″ or even 20″s should smooth things out.

On the inside the GLB has the typical Mercedes layout. Dual displays for your cluster and infotainment. Both work well and shows you all the info you really need. The steering wheel is wrapped in Alcantara and leather and even has a drive mode selector. Seats, could be a bit better. They have the support one would look for but they look rather plain, it doesn’t scream sporty AMG but in an SUV I think that’s fine.

For the rear occupants, there’s plenty of space. Headroom, legroom all is plentiful and putting child seats in the back is a breeze. Thanks to large doors, the rear opening is generous. It’s not as wide as some may want but it’s certainly enough even for bulky rear facing child seat installs. There are two sets of lower anchors across the rear bench and three upper anchors behind. For those who want a bit more passenger capacity, for $1300 CAD you can get the optional 3rd row making this little SUV a 7 seater.

Driving matters, and in the GLB it shows. Sure the engine is powerful while still retuning great fuel economy but where the GLB shines is how it’s able to tackle corners. Sure, the suspension is a bit stiff for some but this is an AMG product you should expect that. If you turn things up to Sport+, things get even stiffer, so stiff you would think if it had suspension at all. Honestly, it’s what you’re expecting in a performance SUV. It’s fun, it’s nimble and best of all it does feel a bit special when driving it.

At $72,230 CAD as tested here, it’s actually a deal for what you’re getting. The space, the performance its certainly worth it. Best yet this car’s base price is $57,500 making the base car one amazing bargain. That said no one ever walks from a Mercedes dealer with a base model, you have to stack on a few options.