2022 Mercedes EQS – The Current King of German Luxury EV Sedans.

The 2022 Mercedes EQS is the brand’s flagship electric sedan. There will be a smaller EQE and a bigger EQS SUV based on the same platform. This is essentially our first taste of what’s up and coming with the brand.

As tested here it comes to $162,150 Canadian which in the world of ultra luxury isn’t all that much. The S-class tested here cost more! So this in reality shouldn’t be the replacement for the S-class but rather an option for those who want electrification. Here in Canada (at least for now) the EQS is only available in one configuration when it comes to the powertrain. In other markets you can get the 450 which is a single motor, rear drive variant as well as a high performance AMG variant.

Let’s start with looks. The S-class is quite “egg” shaped. As it is an EV, and one of the biggest deciding factors when shoppers are looking around is range. The shape actually helps a lot. At 0.20 drag coefficient it’s the world’s most aerodynamic production vehicle helping the EQS reach a range of 547km with a 108kWh battery. So that’s why it looks the way it does but I must say it does lose some of the magic that other Mercedes models have as it’s not all that distinctive. Mercedes have tried to add some styling bits and pieces. For example, on the front end the lower grille does resemble other Mercedes products as it curves up closer to the sides.

On the inside, the cockpit is surrounded by high quality leather and screens. The dash is lit up by the Hyperscreen, which is a 56″ display sectioned into three separate parts for the cluster, infotainment and an additional screen for the passenger. While this is sure to wow and dazzle anyone who peeks in, those who are using the display might find it a bit annoying. As a large screen does tend to have a lot of reflection and it raises the dash, minimizing the view forward. The seats on the other hand are wonderful. Heated, cooled and massaging they have all the support you would expect however if you didn’t option the premium package than things would differ. As for the back seats, this specific model doesn’t have the executive rear seat package which cost a healthy $7,000 Canadian. So it doesn’t have recline or massaging for the VIPs out back. For those who are taller than 6 feet, I may recommend that you call shotgun as soon as possible. This is because the rear seat headroom and legroom isn’t the most accommodating as the roof does slope down to create its distinctive shape.

What’s nice is behind the seats, we get a large trunk space and thanks to the hatch rather than a regular sedan trunk it’s easy to get items in and out as well.

Out on the road, the EQS shows just how “Mercedes” it really is. The standard air suspension can be set to floaty comfort or a nice firm sport setting. In comfort the vehicle feels like it’s on a cloud, floating over bumps and bounces the vehicle as it goes over expansion joints on the highway. This may be a bit too soft for some, luckily the firm setting does helps the car settle and you barely feel all 5700 lb as you’re driving. Something that’s quite amazing was just how planted the car feels, yes it’s heavy but it’s more than that. On the highway the rear wheel steering helps the vehicle change lanes by turning in the same direction and during low speeds opposing direction reducing the turning radius.

In terms of power, thanks to two electrical motors the EQS puts down 516hp and 630lb-ft of torque. These numbers may not sound that astonishing next to a Tesla Plaid but its still able to get to 100km/h in 4.3 seconds. To be honest, that’s more than quick enough to get the occupants a bit nauseous at every stop light.

Overall the EQS has everything shoppers are looking for in a luxury EV. The fit and finish, the materials, and just how solid the vehicle feels. This is something that Tesla owners can only dream about. Sure it’s not as fast and the range might not be as far, but there are so much more to consider than out right acceleration and range. The EQS strikes a really good balance for all things EV while maintaining its silver star.