2020 Toyota Prius AWDe – Review – Perfect for the Pacific NorthWest

The Toyota Prius has been around forever and for 2020 it’s got some mild updates to keep the vehicle fresh for today’s standards. For today we want to see exactly how useful the new AWD system truly is. Unlike traditional AWD systems, there isn’t a driveshaft that connects the engine to the rear wheels but rather it uses a small 7hp, 41lb-ft of torque electric motor to power the rear wheels. It’s enough to help for additional traction when needed but don’t think of it as some crazy 4×4 able to tackle to woods. It’s great for slush or times when traction is limited and that’s about it.

With a base price of $29,000 Canadian and $33,000 with all the options is cheaper than the Rav4 hybrid but the Rav4 hybrid does have more space, power, and clearance for those who like to climb curbs.