2020 Cadillac XT4 – The Escalade made smaller

If you’re looking for a compact luxury SUV, you may think German like the BMW x1 and Audi Q3, but Cadillac is devoted to make you think otherwise.

Looks-wise the XT4 mimics the much bigger Escalade, with bold and strong lines it’s quite the looker. The front end has the typical Cadillac stacked headlights/LED module that flanks the blacked-out sports grille. Outback, we have the typical Escalade-like high mount taillight that stretches from the top spoiler to the midsection. There isn’t much on the outside that doesn’t scream Cadillac, and that’s a good thing, this brand needs some uniformity, and the XT4 builds right into it.

On the inside, the XT4 is fitted with the finest materials, the leather is soft and supple with supportive front seats that feature heated surfaces. There are even optional massaging seats, but truthfully it’s just inflating and deflating the lumbar support bladders, so it feels like a smaller roller than true massaging seats.  As for the rear occupants the seatbacks are relativity upright, but there’s plenty of head and legroom for even taller occupants. Behind the rear seats, the trunk space is more than adequate in this segment beating smaller offerings like the Lexus UX.

Under the hood, the XT4s share the same engine. A 2L Turbocharged 4 cylinder making 237hp and 258lb-ft of torque. Paired to a 9-speed auto to the front or all-wheel drive, the XT4 can hustle. It’s certainly not “M-performance” quick, but it’s fast enough for everyday needs. The chassis and suspension tuning is the weak point, while 258lb-ft of torque isn’t much it seems that its engine always wants to fight the driver with torque steer. On uneven surfaces, the wheel can tug and jerk under hard acceleration. That said, most drivers wouldn’t be subjecting the XT4 to such circumstances. It’s best to be on the middle lane traveling 10mph under the speed limit while cars pass on both sides.

XT4 starts at 34,000 Canadian dollars, but once you start stacking on options, the price easily sores to $60,000 with options so in terms or “deal” this may not be it. But the XT4 will be the SUV that sticks out in a sea of typically white or black German SUVs, and if you’re in the market for something a bit more special, the XT4 may be the right vehicle for you.