2018 Mazda 6 Signature

words & photos by: Jimmy Mak

The Mazda 6 has always been a fantastic vehicle, the looks and the way it handles was bar-none. But one thing that has still been lacking is power. Well in 2018 Mazda took the engine from the CX-9 and wedged it in into the beautifully stylish 6.

The lines on the 2018 Mazda 6 is similar to the previous model, and there isn’t the most significant difference here. However, it’s in the details looking at the front grill and headlights the 2018 model is entirely new and it more sculpted than before.

Outback, the 6 looks a bit bland. The designers seem to have concentrated most of their efforts on the front end of the vehicle rather than the rear. It’s not like it looks terrible it just lacks that distinctiveness that the front end has.

On the inside, this is a beautiful place to be. The dark mocha brown leather makes this interior a really nice place to be. All the materials that are used in here are luscious and soft to touch. Don’t miss the frameless rear-view mirror.

With a suede panel that stretches across the entire dash, it cuts the top and lower portion of the centre console. The HVAC controls plastics feel like they’re made of the highest quality. Every button and switch just feels premium.

Up front and centre is the 8″ infotainment screen. Sadly Mazda hasn’t changed this at all. It’s still the same old system, it works, but it does lack Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Just off to the left of the display is the engine start-stop button, it’s a bit out of place as it’s high up on the dash and visually it’s blocked by the steering wheel.

The front buckets are nice and large, minimal side bolstering means you will slide side-to-side, but for the segment, it’s enough to hold the occupants without being uncomfortable. Best yet, these seats are heated and ventilated so matter the season comfort is easy to find.

For the rear passengers, there’s plenty of room even for 6 footers, and the outboard passengers are treated to heated seats as well.

The buttons are located on the centre console; they are nicely hidden in the pull-down armrest. Within the armrest there are even more hidden surprises, within the lid there are two USB ports to power and charge your devices.

Trunk wise, it’s quite enormous, there’s plenty of depth even though it may not be as wide as some of its competitors.

Behind the wheel, the Mazda 6 is astonishing to drive. Everything feels very connected, the driver, the car it all works together. There’s really no other automakers that can provide owners what Mazda can do.

The engine as said above is the powertrain from the CX-9, with 87 octanes it makes 227hp and 310lb-ft of torque. Filling the tank with some premium fuel and the hp figure goes up to 250 while torque remains the same. Even with 87 octane, this Mazda hustles down the road. Even with less hp than some of its competitors, the Mazda feels quick thanks to all that torque available around 2000rpm. Put the pedal down and the 6 squats down and hustles, it also produces some awesome turbo sounds which enthusiasts would enjoy. Even with all that power and somewhat of a lead foot, during the week with the 6, it was quite easy to manage around 10L/100km.

Now onto the negatives, the Mazda 6′s 360-degree camera is poor, although it’s nice to have the resolution no matter if its front or rear was merely lacking, its if you’re looking out and old tv.

However, with all said and done the Mazda 6 was one of my favourite sedans of 2018. Topping the Accord and the Sonata easily to be a potential vehicle in my family.

Thank you to Mazda Canada for providing the vehicle.