2018 Honda Accord Touring

Words and photos by: Jimmy Mak

For 2018 the Accord has been fully redesigned. With new engine choices and uniquely new body style, the Accord is sure to make an impression.


Honda has offered a brand new design language with the 10th generation Civic a few years back, and they have brought a similar design to the Accord. The front end is flatter than before, and it has a coupe roofline. It’s is one of those love it or hate it design, more traditional people would hate it as it’s not a real sedan with the coupe roofline. Make no doubt it’s a looker, and it will grow on you. Sadly for those who wanted a new coupe, it’s no longer a choice.


It does make sense, not many coupes were sold, and most other manufacturers have removed coupes from their entire lineup. Think Camry Solara.


Inside the Accord is all new. One look and some might think it’s a Mazda 6.

_0003092(Mazda 6 photo for reference)

They look very similar, and that’s a good thing. Mazda has been making better and better interiors for a while now. What’s a better way than to copy one of the best in the segment. Unlike the Mazda, the Accord does have a few things up its sleeve. The infotainment system is brand new with an 8″ touchscreen and dedicated buttons on the sides of the screen for easy access. No need to fumble around with messy touchscreen buttons. And yes Apple Carplay and Android Auto can be found here, along with AT&T hotspot.

The details are just as important, and the Accord has plenty. As in many Hondas but not other automakers when Siri or Ok Google is activated, the system automatically lowers the fan speed allowing the mic in the vehicle to pick up voice better. On top of this, the HVAC control is elegant and beautiful. The illuminated ring that surrounds the climate control is generally white. When you change the temperature to cold the light changes to blue and turning up changes it to red, this is something small but meaningful.


The cluster is also a welcome addition. Unlike other Hondas, the Accord’s cluster houses a digital screen on the left side. When prompt with the steering wheel controls this can change from a varying of different elements. From tach to fuel consumption and even a coffee cup telling you how awake you are.

When Sports mode is activated the cluster changes from green to red and shows a boost gauge to the right of the tach, giving a bit of flair in the process.



Regarding interior comfort, the Accord is far from drab. Even with the sloping roofline, there’s plenty of space for adults in the back with plenty of headroom left over. Since this is the touring trim, front occupants are pampered with soft leather with heat as well as ventilated options. For the rear, there are similar seatbacks with heated controls for the outboard passengers.


Driving the Accord is as sensible as one may think. This being the 1.5L is the base engine, making 192hp and 192lb-ft of torque. These numbers are low for a big sedan, but with torque available from 1600rpm the Accord can move. Best yet it’s able to achieve some fantastic fuel consumption. On the highway, it managed to get an average of 6.5L/100km and an average of 8.5L/100km in the city.


There’s no wonder why the Accord won the North American car of the year award. It’s everything you need in a car and more. Economical and practical for everyone it’s unsurprisingly surprising. At the end of the day, it’s not the matter of which mid-sized sedan to choose but which trim to pick within the Accord lineup.


Thank you to Honda Canada for providing the vehicle.